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Mernda Hills Christian College achieves exceptional academic achievements year after year as a consequence of our students' hard work and dedication throughout the school year. We blend academics with sports, music, performances, competitions, and community initiatives that allow each student to celebrate their unique interests and talents while growing self-esteem and confidence.

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At Mernda Hills, sports play a major role in daily life and are a great way to build resilience, social skills, and overall well-being. While ELC and Junior School children take part in physical education classes, Middle School through Senior School students have access to defined sporting activities.

Our students participate in the CSPS Sporting Association competition as well as the ASV sports network. Melbourne Victory also runs a series of clinics each year for our students. This is all in addition to the curriculum-based PE / Sports program.

In the Secondary School sports curriculum, our time is divided into two components. The academic study of sports, health and physical exercise is handled by specialist sports teachers. The second component revolves around a weekly sports program giving students the opportunity to participate in a variety of team and individual recreational pursuits. In addition to this, the Secondary School also competes in the ASV sports network and is a member of the Galway Association which consists of a network of independent schools on the western side of Melbourne. This gives our students the opportunity to participate in a more competitive environment.

Music and Performing Arts

Learning an instrument or getting involved in our chapel and production programs can broaden your horizons, develop social and emotional skills, build self-esteem and be a lot of fun in the process.
Developing performance skills is an important part of learning music and our students are given many opportunities in this area. During the year a variety of small and large school-based concerts, school assemblies, celebration services and chapels provide opportunities for performance.

Students may also choose to be involved in our optional instrumental music tuition program.

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